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This is the restaurant where you’ll proudly bring friends from out-of-town. And if you’re visiting Fresno, you won’t want to miss this local favorite. Its world-class burgers, designed by an award-winning chef, are just the beginning of The Hangar experience. So, for lunch with friends, date-night, birthdays, anniversaries... anytime you’re looking for great food and a great time, land at the Hangar.


Welcome to our website. Here we try to share our vision about food quality, our mission about customer’s satisfaction and introducing services that we provide for each one of you.



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At The Hangar, we've sourced many ingredients from California’s Central Valley, the greatest agricultural region in the world. Local farms supply every beef patty, chicken wing, fruit, and vegetable. So no matter what you select from The Hangar menu, you support local business, you choose Fresno, you celebrate the Golden State.

Meet the Pilot of the Hangar Menu

Thatcher Mills, son of a classically trained chef, comes to The Hangar with a unique combination of practical experience and professional training. In 2011, he graduated top-in-his-class from the International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Los Angeles. Over the past eight years, Thatcher has worked as a Sous Chef in the Los Angeles area, including a stint at the highly acclaimed Chez Melange restaurant, and has won several Zagat awards along the way. With The Hangar, Thatcher aims to create an original craft burger and beer restaurant in a setting the whole family can enjoy.